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By MGHCA, 01/20/20, 10:45PM CST




The purpose of the Minnesota Girls Hockey Coaches Association (MGHCA) is to promote the welfare of girls’ high school team coaches and high school girl athletes and their participation in hockey as players, officials, coaches and administrators. The association also promotes and administers development programs in order to increase participation in girls' high school hockey in the state of Minnesota and promotes those players wishing to play collegiate hockey. The MGHCA provides resources and continuing education for all high school coaches and promote sportsmanship and comradeship among all high school coaches throughout Minnesota.


Members of the MGHCA are comprised of current and past high school coaches, and those individuals who desire to support girls’ high school hockey through their membership as Associate Members. All Head and Assistant coaches are encouraged to become members of either the MGHCA or the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association (MSHSCA). Any individual who is a regular or associate member of the MGHCA is eligible to be nominated for the awards described below. Some of the awards are awarded through the MGHCA while many others are awarded through a coach’s participation in other areas outside of the regular MSHSL season.


In addition, the MGHCA sponsors many awards for its member coaches and provides opportunities for our coaches to be honored by other groups, such as the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association, The Minnesota State High School League, Minnesota Hockey, The American Hockey Coaches Association and USA Hockey.  We have listed the various awards below along with a list of the past award recipients.



The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize and preserve the heritage of girl’s high school hockey in Minnesota and to keep alive the tradition and spirit of the great game of hockey.  This is also an opportunity to honor the people who through their distinguished achievement have been instrumental in the development of the game and devoted themselves to creating great opportunities for girls to play hockey in the state of Minnesota and beyond. Nomination information can be found on the MGHCA website, along with eligibility requirements:


Past Winners include: 




2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

Dr. Bob May* - Pioneer
Tom Maeckelbergh - Coach/Builder/Volunteer
Tim Morris - Coach/Builder/Volunteer
Dave Palmquist - Coach/Volunteer
Jane Ring* - Pioneer
Chuck Scanlon - Coach
Brano Stankovsky* - Coach/Builder/Volunteer
Charlie Stryker* - Coach/Builder/Volunteer



2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

Laura Halldorson - Pioneer/College Coach
Pete Hyduke - Coach/Builder
Tom Peart - Coach/Builder/Volunteer
Sue Ring-Jarvi - Pioneer
Tom RodefeldCoach


2015 Hallof Fame Inductees

Richard Bartholdi - Coach
Pete Edlund - Coach
Vin Paolucci - Coach
Jill Pohtilla - Pioneer/College Coach

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

Denny Bray - Coach
Steve Guider - Coach
John SchultzCoach



2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

Jeff Corkish - Coach
Glen Gilderman - Coach
Tim Hunst - Coach/Volunteer
Jim MacFarlane - Coach









The Brano Stankovsky Award is named in honor of the late long-time Blake School Head Coach.  It is given to one person annually who has provided leadership and support to the growth and betterment of high school girls hockey, the Minnesota Girls Hockey Coaches Association, or the programs administered by the MGHCA, the Minnesota State High School League or Minnesota Hockey.  Deserving individuals will have displayed dedication, selflessness and passion for any of the activities in which they are or have been involved with. The nominated individual may still be involved with any of these activities. The nomination deadline for each year is February 10th.

To nominate someone, download the form from the MGHCA website:

and return by email to:
or by US mail to:

PO Box 120788,

New Brighton, MN 55112


Past Brano Stankovsky Award Winners

2013 - Tim Morris, Blaine HS, MGHCA Executive Director

2014 - Bill Halbrehder, MGHCA President

2015 - Tom Maeckelbergh, Elk River HS

2016 - Brent Bielenberg, Northfield HS

2017 - Tim Hunst, Owatonna HS & Tom Peart, MGHCA

2018 - Keith Radloff, Orono HS

2019 - Pete Hyduke, Hibbing/Chisholm HS, MGHCA












  1. Individuals selected as nominees must have shown a deep sense of responsibility in the manner in which they conducted themselves as coaches and demonstrated a dedication to the highest ideals of competitive interscholastic athletics.
  2. Of equal importance is the manner in which they conducted their programs, that they may be most beneficial to their players, their schools, and their communities, always reflecting a positive image of interscholastic athletics and/or coaches.
  3. They shall have demonstrated the characteristics of leadership, the ability to motivate and inspire and to guide and counsel young athletes.


  1. Nominees must have been active in coaching and/or athletic administration for a minimum of 25 years.
  2. Nominees must be a Life member of the MSHSCA to be nominated.
  3. Eligibility shall be limited to Coaches and Athletic Administrators.

For more information please see The Minnesota High School Coaches Association.


Past girls hockey recipients include Dave Palmquist from South St Paul. He was inducted into the MSHSCA Hall of Fame in October of 2019.





I. Statement of Purpose

  • To recognize and preserve the heritage of high school activities in Minnesota and to keep alive their tradition and spirit; and
  • To honor those persons who through distinguished achievement have excelled in one or more high school activity program sponsored by the League and its member schools.


II. Hall of Fame Eligibility

Hall of Fame nominees shall include individuals who through distinguished achievement have excelled in one or more high school activity program sponsored by the League. These individuals may include athletes, fine arts participants, coaches, contests officials and adjudicators, contributors, athletic/activity directors, school administrators, and directors of music, speech, drama, debate, and the visual arts. All candidates for the Hall of Fame must be at least 35 years of age. They may be retired from their field or still active.


All candidates will be judged on their significant and/or long-term contributions to interscholastic athletics or fine arts. Athletes will be judged on their achievements in interscholastic athletics. Coaches will be considered on the merits of their high school coaching achievements only, officials on the basis of their service as a high school official, and administrators on the merits of their service as a high school administrator. Fine arts nominees will be considered on the merits of their service as high school participants, coaches, directors or adjudicators. The contributor’s category is for those individuals who have made contributions to interscholastic athletics in some capacity other than those previously mentioned, including such areas as sports medicine and sports media.

III. Nomination Procedures

Using the Hall of Fame nomination form, every member school of the League and any of the following organizations may nominate individuals for the Hall of Fame.

  • Minnesota State High School Athletic Directors Association
  • Minnesota State High School Coaches Association, Inc.
  • Minnesota Music Educators Association
  • Minnesota Debate Teachers Association
  • Communication and Theatre Association of Minnesota
  • Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals
  • Minnesota School Boards Association
  • Minnesota Speech Coaches Association


IV. Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

All of the inductees will participate in the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held in the fall of 2021.

Past MSHSL Hall of Fame recipients related to girls high school hockey include Chick Scanlon, Krissy Wendell-Pohl and Natalie Darwitz.


Hall of Fame nomination forms and instructions are posted on this web site in word and PDF formats.




Minnesota's National Girls and Women in Sport Day event honors individuals, teams and organizations with awards in seven separate categories. Award recipients are nominated by schools, community organizations, recreation centers, and amateur and professional sports organizations. Details about the specific awards are below.

For individuals or organizations that have broken barriers, overcome challenges and/or strive to

Breaking Barriers Award (Multiple Awards Annually)

For individuals or organizations that have broken barriers, overcome challenges and/or strive to provide athletic opportunities for girls and women of all races, all ages, and all levels of ability.

Past Winners from the MGHCA include Tim Morris and Tom Peart,


Special Merit Award

The Special Merit Award is presented to individuals who exemplify the highest levels of commitment to breaking barriers for girls and women in sport.

Past Winners with ties to the MGHCA include Jane Ring, Jill Pohtilla and Krissy Wendell-Pohl.


To nominate a deserving person go to




Ted Brill Award

Minnesota Hockey established the Ted Brill Award with great respect and fond memories of one of our most influential leaders.  It is presented annually to an individual who has at least ten years of service to any of the various player development programs (STP, HEP, High Performance/Selects, High School All-Star Series, etc.)

Past MGHCA Winners:   Tom Peart

Presidents' Award

The Presidents' Award is given annually to those individuals whom the President of Minnesota Hockey feels have given exemplary service to the organization's efforts.

Past MGHCA recipients include Denny Malarkey, Tom Maeckelbergh and Peter Hyduke.


Don Clark Award

The prestigious Don Clark Award is presented by Minnesota Hockey to an individual who over a period of many years has been dedicated to the grassroots growth and development of youth hockey in Minnesota.

For nomination information please contact Glen Andresen at



Walter Yaciuk Award

The Walter Yaciuk Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a consistent commitment and contribution to the education and development of USA Hockey coaches.


The Distinguished Achievement Award

The Distinguished Achievement Award is presented to a U.S. citizen who has made hockey his or her profession and has made outstanding contributions on or off the ice to the sport in the United States.


The William Thayer Tutt Award

The Wm. Thayer Tutt Award is presented to a volunteer who, during many years of service, has displayed selfless dedication to the enhancement of ice hockey at the grassroots level in the United States.

For nomination information please contact USA Hockey at




The John Mariucci Award
John Mariucci, the former coach of the University of Minnesota, was not only an outstanding college coach, but also a driving force behind the growth of hockey in the United States. In 1987, the AHCA created this award to honor a secondary school association coach who best exemplifies the spirit, dedication and enthusiasm of the "GODFATHER OF U.S. HOCKEY," John Mariucci.


The John "Snooks" Kelley Founders Award
Named after the famed Boston College coach, this award honors those people in the coaching profession who have contributed to the overall growth and development of the sport of ice hockey in the United States.


The Jim Fullerton Award

Named in honor of the former Brown University hockey coach and AHCA spiritual leader, this award recognizes an individual who loves the purity of our sport. Whether a coach, administrator, trainer, official, journalist or simply a fan, the recipient exemplifies Jim Fullerton, who gave as much as he received and never stopped caring about the direction in which our game was heading.


The Joe Burke Award
The Joe Burke Award was established in 1994 to honor those individuals who have shown great support and dedication to Girls/Women's hockey. Joe Burke has been an avid fan of Girls/Women's hockey since the late 70's. Joe Burke, a Dedham resident is a life-long hockey fan, who never actually played the game himself. He became hooked on the women's game when he attended the game vs. the University of New Hampshire and Boston College in 1978 at McHugh Forum. Since this game Joe was seen at every major Girls/Women's hockey event in the New England area. He is a true friend of the women's game and the people associated with it.

Past MGHCA Winners include Jane Ring and Sue Ring-Jarvi


The Women's Ice Hockey Founders Award
This award honors a member of the hockey community or college coaching profession who has contributed to the overall growth and development of the sport of women’s ice hockey in the United States through their enthusiasm, passion and selflessness.

Past MGHCA Winners:  Laura Halldorson, Jill Pohtilla


For nomination information contact Joe Bertagna at


Please take the time to recognize those individuals who contribute their time, talent and energy to make girl’s and women’s hockey so special here in Minnesota and around the country. It only takes a few minutes of your time to bring attention to those coaches, administrators, players and contributors who help maintain the excellence of our programs and to help grow the game.

2019 Brano Stankovsky Award Recipient - Pete Hyduke

Tim Lill, Fergus Falls & Cailyn McCauley, North Wright Cty